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with us. i want to get right to some breaking news, we first brought to you about half an hour ago for 18 years, no one knew for sure what happened to this man, captain michael scott spiker, considered the first american lost in the 1991 gulf war. >> the mystery is now over. defense officials say his remains have been found in iraq and they have positively identified him. we're covering this breaking story for you from all angles. we want to start from our pentagon correspondent who has been taking us through the story. on the phone with us this morning. and barbara, start here from the top. how did this come about after 18 years we now know what happened? >> well, t.j., this is just an extraordinary story. what the u.s. military tells us is in early july, an iraqi citizen in western iraq came to them and said there was a location that u.s. forces needed to go to and he believed that was the crash site and the place where scott spiker was buried. u.s. marines in the province went to the location, which was believed to be the crash site, the iraqi citizen told the u.s. he knew of two other
today on u-s farm report... a government >>> today on "u.s. farm repo", a government effort to encourage new sources for biofuels gives farmers another potential market. >>> meanwhile, grain producers sharpen their pencils to analyzthe acre program. >>> and biodiesel supporters work to get truckers to sample the new fuel. >> "u.s. farm report" brought to you by chevy, an american revolution. and welcome to >>> good morning. welcome to "u.s. farm report". i'm john phipps. more so than any year i can remember, more legislative action is occurring at every level of government that will impact farmers and rural america. while most eyes are on washington, and rightly so as efforts on health care, economic recovery and climate change are fast and furious, there are also huge changes coming from state and local governments. thanks to the recession, the changes are not going to be pleasant either. an ag state researcher outlined how budget cuts will decrease personnel and be even worse next year. unfortunately, iowa is in relatively good shape compared to states like california and
to the world. >> the pentagon has identified a united states navy pilot as apparently the first u.s. serviceman missing in a. in the persian gulf war. he is lieutenant commander michael speicher. his plane went down before dawn yesterday. his's married with two young children, assigned to the uss saratoga. why his official status changed several tapes, here's cnn's fredricka whitfield. >> reporter: his f/a-18 hornet was shot down on the first night. >> as of 0900 this morning washington time there's been a single american aircraft lost. >> clearly today as if it would have just happened, i remembered on the recovery commander anderson get down from the jet and telling me he thought we lost spiicher. >> reporter: for 18 years, his fate was unknown. there were many false leads. in 1993, the wreckage of his plane was found, but no body. after the u.s. invaded iraq in 2003, speicher's initials were found carved in the wall of an iraqi prison, leading to speculation he might have survived. nothing panned out, but family maebs and friends worked to keep the investigation alive. >> we're here in washi
for joining us. >>> the remains of the first american pilot shot down over iraq during the 1991 persian gulf war are finally back home. navy captain michael scott speicher disappeared when his plane went down over anbar province on the first night of the war. his remains have been recovered and positively identified. the discovery should end years of speculation that speicher survived and was held captive. according to the navy an iraqi civilian told u.s. forces early last month that he had witnessed the crash. another iraqi told the marines he saw speicher's body being buried after the crash. >>> the state department trying to find out what happened to three americans who were taken into custody in iran. iranian media report they were arrested for crossing illegally from iraq into iran. a fourth american who was supposed to join them on a hike through the kurdish region of iraq apparently fell ill and stayed behind. one of the americans detained in iran is pennsylvania. his mother spoke to cnn radio network. >> my husband and i are eager for the best welfare and conditions for our son josh
the latest information. the fourth hiker is at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >>> to canada where a stage collapsed in the middle of an outdoor music festival killing one person. police say 15 other people were injured at big valley jam boree in alberta. a storm quickly rolled in while some 15,000 people were watching the festival yesterday. the crowd started to evacuate. that is when the stage came crashing down. police say emergency services helped rescue some people trapped under that rubble. >>> a man who caused a lot of nervous moments at laguardia airport has been forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's accused of bringing a fake bomb to the airport yesterday. as susan reports -- >> reporter: a bomb scare disrupted flights for hours. >> it's sad. >> reporter: 32-year-old man approached this checkpoint. a law enforcement source says he began intoxicated and was carrying a backpack. outside in plain view were two square batteries with wires sticking out. when asked not to move, again, allegedly failed to comply. he looked at though he was trying to wish a switch but nothing h
where ben franklin used to sit naked and think. >> oh, yeah. >> that's a hot spot. a subway platform where jerry springer was born in london. >> sure. >> it is a quirky, quirky tour. >> usually, the "weekend window" is stunning vistas and parkways. this morning, we've been warned, i'm intrigued by this story. first, ron claiborne kicks us off. >> good morning, bill and kate. >>> we begin with breaking news after 18 years the remains of american pilot scott speicher who was shot down during the first gulf war have been found in iraq. in a combat mission first night of the war back in january 1991, the military initially declared him killed, but changed his status to missing in action and then captured. the military says his remains were recovered the past week and flown toover air force base for identification. >>> we turn now to the three americans held in iran believed to be college students on vacation who mistakenly crossed the border into iran while hiking. abc's jim sciutto has the latest from london. good morning, jim. >> reporter: well, good morning. efforts are now under way
appreciate any gift of financial support. if there's an amount that's right for you, it's right for us! thank you! kathi: hello, i'm kathi diamant, and it is a wonderful honor and privilege to introduce wayne dyer here in our studio, welcome. wayne dyer: thank you it's nice to be back on pbs. kathi: yes, and the eighth show for pbs. wayne: eight, eight of them i can't believe that it's been 10 years. kathi: i know. wayne: it's been wonderful and we've raised a lot of money for public television and we're still doing it which is great. kathi: and helped a lot of people at the same time. wayne: yes, absolutely. kathi: you know i want to ask you, how long does it take you to think about an idea like no excuses, or "excuses be gone", before you're actually able to produce a special for pbs and a book. wayne: well it's really hard to say but it goes on for months and months and months, sometimes years i think about it. an idea will marinate inside of me. sometimes i carry a quote around in my pocket and i just think about it look it out and say, i'm going to write a book about this. and then we're
americans believed to be behind bars in iran. iran state tv confirming guards arrested three u.s. tourist after they crossed the border from iraq. the trio apparently was on a hike in the mountains section of northern iraq. that buffers the kurdistan province. iran said they were arrested because they did not obey orders from the guards. knowing understand from kurdish officials in iraq the detainees are two men and one woman. details are in short supply but here is what we know based on reports. the three u.s. citizens were staying in iraq's oil-rich and self ruled kurdish reason that region. this part of iraq is relatively free of violence. in fact it's a draw to adventure stories for its scenery. understanded for a friend stayed behind at the hotel because of and elements and kurdish officials tell us he then received a phone call from his friends saying iranian border guards had surrounded them. since then, not a word. the u.s. has not had a diplomatic ties with iran since 1879. the state department now asking switzerland to represent its interests in iran specifically to confirm whet
through. >> tough stuff. great story. >> it's early for us. you need breakfast in the morning. gumbo not exactly the breakfast of champions. we were not picky. gumbo, well tell you how to make it. it's matter of the new cookbook. we'll tell you how you can be part of that cookbook. let's talk about the stories we're following overnight. >>> an outdoor stadium collapses in canada. one person is dead. some of those injuries are critical. one survivor describing this frightening scene. >>> we get access to the show on stage. the next thing i know we're running off. 20 feet up on the stage and the wind gusts came out of nowhere. and the whole deck smashes. the next thing i know there's concrete and something on top of my back. i can't see a thing. all i'm doing is yelling for my sister. children on the deck with us. it was awful. i thought my life was ending because it was dark and black. there was a tiny hole that i crawled through and probably, i don't know, a good 50 feet i had to jump. the injuriyest part of my life. >> this was in canada, 15,000 people were attending this concert, a
, just may be behind us. but folks across the country continue to complain that the obama administration's making home affordable loan modification plan is not gaining enough traction. now, the treasury department talked to mortgage firms saying it's time to pick up the pace. here to discuss this is the john taylor, the president and ceo of the national community reinvestment coalition. welcome, john. >> hey, gerri. nice to see you. >> i want to show you and our viewers some numbers here. it really describes what's going on. you see the pace of foreclosures starts higher and higher, and then the pace of loan mods not keeping track at all with foreclosures. what's going on here? why isn't the president's plan getting more traction? >> well, for one, it's really dependent -- it's a voluntary system dependent upon these services who manage these loans, so banks and investors, to voluntarily come in and participate in the program. that's been slow to come. it was slow to come under the bush administration and it's slow to come under this administration. >> why don't they want to -- why don't
advance our cause. to discuss this question, we are very fortunate to have with us here today not only the book's author, joshua muravchik, but also three commentators who are highly qualified to discuss his book in the issues that it raises. let me briefly introduce all of the members of the panel in the order in which they will speak. joshua muravchik is a fellow at the foreign policy institute of the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies. he is the author of eight previous books, including "heaven and earth: the rise and fall of socialism," published in 2001, and "exporting democracy," fulfilling america's destiny. published in 1991. and he has also published almost literally countless articles in major newspapers and journals. he served as a member of the state department advisory committee on democracy promotion, and he is a member of several editorials awards, including i am proud to say that of the journal of democracy. on my far right, doctor a sollie who spent many years as a practicing physician. is the president and founder of the american task force on pale
the case went all the way to the u.s. supreme court which upheld the city's authority to force miss kelo to sell her property. this is about 90 minutes. >> good afternoon, welcome to the cato institute. my name is roger pilon. i'm the director of center for constitutional studies which is hosting today's book forum. most believe the right to property is sacred and they have the right to do so because the constitution says nor shall private property shall be taken for private use without just compensation. they think their home is their castle. a phrase that stems from the 17th century jurist lord cook. unfortunately, over the course of the 20th century, that right to private property has been slowly eroded by a series of decisions that have come from the state supreme courts and the u.s. supreme court. early on in the area of regulatory takings, and more recently in the area of the full use of eminent domain whereby government condemns a person's property, not for use by the public but rather to transfer the title to another private owner for the purpose of economic development, and
booming. >> amazing. kind enough to give us the rebate. three or four thousand dollars from general motters and then from the government. >> geraldo: ford also almost broke has seen its share fly high friday to eight times the amount. while auto execs and salesmen are singing, the conservative budget folks are not happy. >> recently one of the largest poultry producers in america, pilgrims if pride, just a few miles outside of my congressional district had to declare chapter 11. maybe we should have a cash for clubbers program and pay people to eat chicken and then pay people to buy tvs and then a program to pay people to buy lumber. >> all right, pretty good line there's. cash for cluckers cam campaigns. s.c.kupp joins me and kirsten and the reverent al sharpton. i'm sure that you particularly will be interested in the jackson revealations we are about to reveal here on the program live. first, i have to ask you about the cash for clunkers. how do you feel about it, reverend? how do you feel about the fact that now it will be $3 billion that we are giving people essentially free mo
to the doctor lately because you pulled something or because what used to hurt a little now hurts a lot? well, you're not alone. baby boomers are falling apart, but we can't stop exercising, right, because that's bad for us? and modern medicine can fix anything, right? well, maybe not. here's how one dedicated runner is dealing with the baffling contradictions. my name is john hobby. i'm an attorney in brooklyn, new york, and i'm 50 years old. (man laughs) how does that make you feel? ooold! growing up, i played lots of different sports. i played a lot of basketball. i played baseball and football. for the most part now, i run long distances, usually 2 or 3 times a week, i do some weight training 3 or 4 times a week, and whenever i can, i get out on my bicycle. when i can't get to working out, whether it be weight training, running; i feel bloated, i feel grumpy, and i feel like i'm missing something. there is a sort of broad cultural trend to feeling that you shouldn't be held back by limits and this can lead to a number of problems, one of which is a hard time accepting the reality of aging
, it is bittersweet. >> the navy says an iraqi civilian told u.s. forces early last month that he had witnessed the crash. another iraqi told marines that he saw speicher's body being buried after the crash. >>> the state department is trying to find out what happened to three americans who were taken into custody in iran. iranian media reports they were arrested for crossing illegally from iraq into iran. a fourth american who was supposed to join them on a hike through the kurdish region of iraq apparently fell ill and stayed behind. one of the americans detained in iran is from pennsylvania. his mother spoke to cnn radio network. >> my husband and i are eager for the best welfare and conditions for our son josh and for the other two it companions he's with. and that is our only concern, his welfare, and the best conditions for him. >> the state department says the swiss ambassador to tehran is trying to get information about the detained americans. the u.s. has no diplomatic relations with iran. >>> for president obama and his administration, a six-month checkup. he gathered his entire cabin
lawrence is tracking these developments. he is joining us from los angeles. chris? >> reporter: frederica about a month ago, an iraqi citizen came forward and told the u.s. military about the possible location of captain speicher's grave. and it was in an area very close to where the military had found pieces of his shattered airplane way back in 1993. now the marines went to that part of the desert where another iraqi citizen told them he remembered an american jet crashing and told them he was there when the bedouins found captain speicher's body near the crash site and buried him there. so the u.s. military went out to that site and it took several days over the past week, but they did find captain speicher's remains. they found bone fragments, skeletal fragments, multiple skeletal flagments, actually. and then those were flown to dover air force base where the military medical examiner was able to match his jaw bone with captain speicher's accidental records and that's how they confirmed his positive identification. the family spokesman tells us just a few minutes ago that they are ex
to do that because of the mess the majority created of the conferenced bill and i use that term loosely as most of the funding levels and programs were determined not in a conference but by the house leadership and by my chairman. but when it came to counting votes, the leadership and the chairman had to do some dancing and started loading up the war supplemental with extraneous and unrelated items on -- all of which needed to get more votes. cash for clunkers was one of those items. my colleagues in the senate, senator feinstein in particular and senator collins, had some serious concerns with the house bill. senator feinstein tried to negotiate some changes to improve the program, but was rebuffed, as i understand it, by my chairman. basically they were told it was his way or the highway. here we are today, not one hearing on the cash for clunkers program in the appropriations committee, not one hearing on the needs of the program prior to receiving funds, no one hearing on how the first $1 billion has been spent, not one hearing on how much money the program will need to get through
at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >> i'm very, very happy to hear that. i'm very worried about his friends. >> reporter: for their families, it's been a bewildering two days since their arrest. currently, we're only concerned about the well-being of joshua and his two other people fattal's father wrote in a statement to abc news. a statement department official says the americans were in iraq as tourists and accidentally strayed into iranian territory. iranians state television is hinting at something worse. they say the americans ignored warnings from guards to stay away from the border. and their detention comes at a time when the iranian government is accuse the u.s. of fomenting unrest in iran, instigating the protests that followed its disputed june presidential election. earlier this year, american journalist rock zan that sib barry was detained as well, accused of spying and jailed. >> i think there's a decent chance iran will portray these three as spies. and leave it up to the united states or these three individuals to prove their innocence. >> reporter: their detention is truein
. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, j.j. >> so you met with a group of small business owners earlier this week, what were they looking for out of reform? >> they were frustrated and they want their health care costs to be affordable and to provide health care for their employees, but they are concerned about the taxes and mandates out there in the bill being proposed and they are corp worried about going out of business as a result of these things going to be required. >> so from your perspective. what does reform look like that helps small businesses? >> well, it is completely different than what's being proposed. in a bill i have sponsored, it allowed small businesses to group together. if you are a small business be with ten employees and one has a health care issue, it makes it very expensive. if you can group together with 100 other businesses, your buying power got better and your premiums will be much better reduced. that's one component of the system i would like to see. >> proposals do include exchanges where small groups will get to group together. >> well, what we
>>> the michael jackson search warrant shock. are the feds actually using the word "drug addict?" now michael jackson's chef talking about oxygen tanks, carted out in the morning. >>> then this jaw dropper. reports coming in that michael jackson wasn't even in his own bed the day he died. lot to get to here. love to take your phone calls. 1-877-tell-hln. or you can e-mail us or text message your thoughts. start your message with the word "prime." it comes right to us. it's text hlntv. that's the key to unlock you being heard. >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. we have shocking developments unfolding right now in the michael jackson case. number one, drug addict. federal agents used the word "addict" to describe michael jackson in the search warrant. could that ratchet up any charges? new clues from michael jackson's personal chef. she says she saw dr. murray come downstairs with oxygen tanks in the morning. we would love to hear from you. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. joining me to talk about this, kim sarafin and legal analyst from and
, quote, rank in file taliban soldiers and give them reasons to switch sides. later in the week, u.s. secretary of state hilary clinton seemed to agree. she commanded the important nato speech and said it's consistent with the united states. so why isn't it happening? meanwhile, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, stanley mcchrystal, is expecting to ask for additional troops and equipment. that request will first land on the desk of secretary of defense robert gates. listen to what gates said in april when he and i talked about troop numbers. >> i have been quoted as accurately as saying i have real reservations about significant further commitments of american military to afghanistan beyond what the president has already approved. >> but that means that a year from now, six months from now, you are unlikely to approve a request for additional troops in afghanistan. >> i would be a hard sell, there is no question about it. and i've not made a secret of that either publicly or in government meetings. >> so it appears that he has now changed his mind. in recent days, gates said he i
, weigh in, let us know how you feel about this, men versus women, apparently women have a different reaction to cold temperatures than men do. >> finally, scientific proof because we've been having-- >> we were trying to await this study. >> a battle royal at every-- as i do with my work husband every single weekend, the fight about temperature. >> we already had one. >> this morning, it was the worst. >> five minutes ago. >> cold, too hot. >> but first let me be clear, the president likes to say let be me cheer. in fact, it is his favorite phrase, one he's uttered over and over and over again in his first few months on the job, an interesting article on the, how frequently the president uses this phrase and exactly what it accomplishes, gee guys. >> from excuse me president bush's former speech writer, it's a phrase, a verbal twitch. an example of president obama using the let's be clear linements first of all, let me be clearments let me be clear. >> i just want to be clear. let me be clear. >> so let me be clear. >> i want to be clearments i want to make clear. >> i
delta when we visited three years after ken's death when he said directly to us shell is responsible for my son's death. as we sat there listening to the father, the son and grandson, who i was sitting next to judith browne chomsky. she was our guest for the hour. judith browne chomsky was one of the leading attorneys in this case that led to this landmark settlement. when i asked noam tonight how he would like to be introduced, he said tell them i am the brother-in-law of judith browne chomsky. [applause] judith is married to noam's younger david, david. noam was born december 7, 1928 in philadelphia. by the age of ten, he was writing an extended essay against fascism and about the spanish civil war. don't be discouraged. [applause] at 14, he was getting his education, as he tells it, in the back of the 72nd street subway station here in new york. you go up the front, that is where you buy newspapers and the french newspaper stand where people would rush by, by their papers and go but it was the back, less populated stand where the stragglers would be where his uncle ran the newspap
69. see you next week. >> david, thank you very much. tiger wins it for a third time. for all of us here at cbs ys fo us. so when you said you bring fiber optic all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. only verizon's 100% fiber optic network makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast. >> mitchell: tonight a gulf war mystery is solved at last. the u.s. confirms the death and a crash of navy pilot scott spieker 18 years after he disappeared over iraq. i'm russ mitchell, also tonight a controversial proposing posal in cash-strapped california. legalize marijuana and put a heavy tax on it. what the buyers of some popular brands of jeans don't see. hazardous waste from a denim factory in southern africa. and stopping accidents before they happen. growing support for the idea of road testing older drive
. >> david, thank you very much. tiger wins it for a third time. for all of us here at cbs sports, thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. >> mitchell: tonight a gulf war mystery is solved at last. the u.s. confirms the death and a crash of navy pilot scott spieker 18 years after he disappeared over iraq. i'm russ mitchell, also tonight a controversial proposing posal in cash-strapped california. legalize marijuana and put a heavy tax on it. what the buyers of some popular brands of jeans don't see. hazardous waste from a denim factory in southern africa. and stopping accidents before they happen. growing support for the idea of road testing older drivers. >> you be back in five years. >> we'll hope so. i hope so, yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. a sad piece of unfinished business from america's first war with iraq back in 1991 was officially closed today. the pentagon says the remains of navy pilot michael scott spieker have been found near the wrec
a spoof that's also becoming quite a big hit out there. >>> the u.s. military just found the remains of a u.s. navy pilot who was shot down during the first few days of the first iraq war more than 18 years ago. lieutenant commander scott speicher was originally declared dead but his status later changed to missing because his remains were never found. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins us from washington with all those details. things have changed now, mick. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. sho shortly after the iraqi came forward, the u.s. military, the pentagon, even then-secretary of defense dick cheney were so convinced back there on the first day of the gulf war in 1991 that scott speicher was killed when his f/a-18 hornet was shot down in western iraq that he was declared dead. but subsequently because his body was never found, and in fact the wreckage was eventually located and his flight suit was found intact. it raised the possibility he in fact survived the shootdown of his fighter jet and he may have been taken into iraqi custody. under saddam hussein in an iraqi
for a lot of us. if enough republicans will join democrats in requiring every adult to get health insurance, is that a triumph in itself. couldn't the president say he has just one? and crazy like a fox. is the opposition exploiting that country. are screwballs calling obama kenyan doing the party's dirty work? and nahria o'donnell and yuge gene robinson. and jennifer loven and howard fineman. president's experiencing rumors about health care. this seemed to throw the president a bit off balance at a town hall. >> i have heard lots of rumors going around. i have been told there's a clause in this that everyone is mead care age will be visited and told to decide how they wish to die. this bothers me a great deal. i like you to promise me this is not in this bill. >> the -- i guarantee you, first of all, we don't have enough government workers to send -- to talk to everybody. i think that the only thing that play have been proposed in some of the bills, and i actually think this is a good thing, is that it makes it easier for people to fill out a living will. chris: this week's "wall street j
it arrested. using the contact in the foreign ministry on behalf of the u.s. america cutting all diplomatic ties with iran since the 1979 government revolution and overthrow. that leaving the state department dependent on switzerland to obtain any information possible about the american's status. 24 hours have passed since we first told you about their disappearance and no one has heard from them during that time. the three exploring norp iraq's scenic and relatively secure kurdish region. two men and one women wandering across the border in iran's c d kurdistan province. not realizing they crossed the invisible line until the guards surrounded them. we'll update you as they come into the news room. a military family getting some closure today. the u.s. military found and identified the remains after pilot who disappeared 18 years ago. navy captain michael scott speicor was the first american loss in the 1991 persian gulf war. his plane was shot down the first night of the conflict. there was speculation he may have survived the landing and taken into captivity. thanks to tips from iraqi c
environment for the -- force us to interact with different people. you do not see people with different backgrounds and races in your home and on vacation but you. the problem is we do not get to know each other, because even though racism is over. barack obama has been elected president, we still elect to segregate ourselves. it is not just black people. what happens is we assume because someone looks like us, we get along with them and trust them better. that is not necessarily the case. we just do not take this time to get to know one another. until we interact with each other, we will always have this issue. host: let's put the phone lines up. cspanwj is a twitter account. guest: we are americans. we had 9/111 everyone was to get there because the people who attacked us did not care if we were black or white. there is no question of that. robertson ticket does not wish you as an american -- your birth certificate does not wish to as an american. i think you are right, we do not get to know each other. one of the things that i say on my radio show is that in america we are culturally
will not be taken for anything by the government other than public use. then there is the new haven firefighter case that others have spoken about. it is not just the decision the judge made without substantial evidence that -- it is also the manner in which they refused to give a fair consideration of the firefighters claims and the way that i would hope that every federal judge will. many of her public statement about judging include very radical ideas on the role of a judge and on society. some have said that we cannot consider those, but to consider only those judicial record and about the statement she has made about how judges should perform in office, i think it's an incomplete picture. she has said that there is no neutrality in the law. she has said that legal uncertainty is a good thing because that allows judges to change the law and to make policy. she has said that foreign law can get the procreative juices flowing for judges to interpret the united states constitution and that ethnicity and gender should have an impact on a judge's decision making. those are hard to square with her sol
and winning gold after suddenly losing the use of her legs. we are going to meet her and hear her inspiring story in just a few minutes. >>> first, that breaking story this morning. the defense department has solved a mystery from the first gulf war. nbc's pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is here with the story. mick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. 18 years after he was shut down on the first day of the first gulf war, the u.s. military has now finally found the remains of a u.s. navy pilot. lieutenant commander scott speicher was shot down in western iraq in his f-18 hornet on january 17, 1991. although he was first declared killed in action, his remains were never found. but last week, some iraqi civilians led the u.s. marines to a site in an bar province in western iraq where they said bedouins had buried speicher a's body shortly after the crash. and this past week, military forensics experts have positively identified the remains as that of lieutenant commander scott speicher, ending that 18-year mystery. lesser? >> this has taken his family on an emotional rol
. the money will be used to improve infrastruck fur for trains to travel up to 95 miles per hour along o interstaid 95. it would run between peetdersburg and the district. >>> a memorable night for paul mccartney. it caused some to miss the show. there weren't any accidents or problems. it was just the sheer volume of traffic that caused the backup. it was comparable to that of a redskins home game. one limo driver expressed his frustration. >> a true night mair. people were driving me crazy to get here. go around, go up the shoulder, go up the other shoulder, do this, do that. >> well rs we were told the concert was great and mccartney even add addpecial song to the was a song that micheld the president would want to sing for someone in his e. wusho us >>> for some students in our tho e,uswo schools in arilendxaae, run on a modifiedenal cdaada whh puts kids back inhen t classroot nd early bright a tomorrow morning e students a inla css nine week and then have a break for about three weeks. >>> a frightening fall for a philadelphia teenager as he drove his father's kaur off the
we'll be back in about 25 minutes for a loc news update. join us again at 9:00 for a full hour of local news, sports, weather, >>> good morning. breaking news. mystery solved. the long-awaited answer. what happened to a navy pilot who disappeared during the first gulf war? >>> inside look at the room where michael jackson died. a british tabloid says it's got the photo of what detectives saw at the scene. >>> and showdown. after an olympic photo finish, michael phelps gets back if the water for a rematch with a trash-talking rival. we will show you how it all ended, today, sunday, august 2, we will show you how it all ended, today, sunday, august 2, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to today on this sunday morning, i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolf. it has been a mystery for 18 years, what happened to navy pilot scott speicher? >> a long time it was feared he was maybe capture iraqi forces. last heard from while flying a combat mission over iraq in the gulf war. now, the defense department is confirming they have found and
barton will be with us, "time" magazine calls him one of the 25 most influential evangelicals. so why isn't he a household name a few but he will tell us about our country's founder is what some people hope you never find out. >> and the doctors, the stars of tds 18 kids and counting. how do they manage their household? and most of us have trouble handling a couple kids, they handle 18+. >> grammy award-winning country musician ray stevens is here to play with the "little rockers" in a timely tune you want to share with your friends and your congressman. you will love the show tonight. thank you for joining us on tonight's edition of the "huckabee". *applause . >> mike: you know, i've had more than my share of jobs in my lifetime. i work for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, large corporations, but i spent the longest part of my adult employment in elected positions working in government. i run several small businesses as well. i learned something about the role of the boss. smart employees want to please the boss. congress works for us, don't they? i wonder, do they know that? a
xamped out in the halls of the capitol through all of this. she joins us with an update. hi, dana. they're headed out now for summer recess. without either the house or the senate passing health care reform. let's start with the house. where do things stand? >> reporter: this is probably going to be a crude analogy, but i'll try it anyway. since it's the summertime. you know that game on the boardwalk whack-a-mole, you hit one and another pops up. that's what's going on with the house democratic leadership. because before leaving for recess, they calmed a revolt among the blue dog conservative democrats. and they made some changes to their health care bill. for example, they pared down a little bit, the simplistic way of saying it, but they pared down the government-run health care option. you know what happened? the liberal democrats, they -- that ignited a revolt among them. so they calmed the conservatives and the liberals popped up. that's basically where things stand right now. in the house. they're hoping when they come back, they can get everybody together and pass in the fall a
and that hearing. the general has used his authority to make fundamental changes to this institution is run, with the goal of providing soldiers and families stability and predictability in their schedules. from the marine corps, we have a major general, the deputy commanding general of the second marine expeditionary force who created the office of suicide presenter -- officers to decide train prevention program. the problems we are discussing today cannot be solved today. we wish they could, but we know it's not possible. we must continue to understand and confront the psychological stress our service members and families have to deal with every single day. we must continually evaluate actions taken, gauge their effectiveness, and then determine what must be done. i will turn over to you for comments. >> thank you and thank you for holding this hearing today. today's hearing continues our commitment to work with the department of defense to find ways to address the psychological stress our service members are struggling to overcome and to continue to improve mental-health services for a m
will consider using existing stimulus money that's already been appropriated to finish up cash for clunkers program. no new money." earlier she wrote -- "we put a billion dollar in cash for clunker program, that's 250,000 cars. we weren't sure how long it would last. but a billion of your money is a lot." the senate is expected to take up the issue later this week. plan that you get money if you trade in an old car and the gas mileage must be 18 miles per gallon or less. now to healthcare changes as congress goes to summer vacation. the debate heads back to main street. a recent poll shows a growing number of americans are worried that the democratic plan will meet increase -- mean increase cost and restrictions on healthcare. senator jim demint suggesting the real battle democrats may face is with voters back home. >> you will see americans take to the streets and go to town hall. i think they'll let the congress and senators know they need to keep their hands off the healthcare. >> eric: bring in joe sestak in. welcome to fox news. >> good to be here. >> eric: same to you. you know the he
>> please let us know about book fairs and festivals in your area, and we'll add them to our list. e-mail us at >> coming up next, booktv presents after words, an hour long program where we invite guest hosts to interview authors. this week, harry stein, author of how i accidentally joined the vast right wing conspiracy and found inner peace, discusses his latest book, i can't believe i'm sitting next to a republican. mr. stein uses humor to explore the partisan divisions he sees in many aspects of u.s. society. mr. stein discusses his book with author and former time magazine writer and editor stephane kanfer. .. >>host: it has the strange side that people don't acknowledge very much. it is revealed in henry stein title. >>guest: the title of the book is "i can't believe i'm sitting next to a republican" which is what somebody's said to me at a dinner party. i have been searching for a title for this book which is really about being a rich state conservative marooned in a blue states. it was a book about those kinds of people. from the new york times. these thin
us closer to finding out what happened to robert. the evidence we've uncovered shows that there are suspicious circumstances regarding robert's disappearance. >> and we're learning more about an alleged family history of abuse as well, citing court papers. the "idaho statesman" actually says that robert's mom is on probation for fracturing his infant half-brother's skull. also, the mom's boyfriend has a criminal record, including burglary and battery. >> at a news conference today, police disclosed they think the boy is hurt, but they didn't elaborate. >> robert is maybe injured, but again, robert is still missing. it's very important that we locate robert. >> we want everyone not to give up hope, to continue on everything that we have done, the searching, the looking. please help us to bring robert home. >>> good evening. i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace. thank you so much for joining us tonight. the investigation into the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson intensifies. >> we see, in the warrants, in writing that auth
's numbers tell you -- we've got the personal loan and got the credit card debt. >> i think you used the magic word when you said fixed that was the magic word. looking at the difference between fixed debt and rerevolverirevofling debt, it may not be the same tomorrow versus today or yesterday. >> even her credit card agreement say fixed, put everything in double quotes here, they are not, john, right? >> no, laura, listen. your credit card agreement is not an agreement, a piece of paper with words on it that both of you signed. the fixed rate can change tomorrow or change pretty much for any reason, any time any reason rate increases and can happen any time between now and february of 2010 when the card act becomes enforceable law. when that happens then the interest rates you're paying on the credit cards cannot go up and change adversely is the term unless you do something to deserve it. meaning you miss payments, 60 days past due -- >> between now and make a lot of big changes to your credit card. john, when you have personal, you have different kinds of debt, you have to pay att
today. pete gilbert is it live in the studio to tell us what may be the shortest determine in the nfl. >> two and a half weeks of retirement proved enough for derrick mason. he surprised everyone, showing up for training camp ready to play football once more. he sent a letter to the nfl asking to be reinstated on the raven's roster. he took his physical and is set to practice with the team sunday morning. his original decision to retire stunned everyone. it came just two days after lange his good friend, steve mcnair, to rest. dominics box worth homecoming, how he is sitting in. -- how he is fitting in. that is coming up later. >> of the u.s. house is headed home for the august recess. the senate is not far behind. lawmakers will try to extend the popular cash for clunkers program. democrats and republicans are drawing battle lines for the upcoming fight over health care and how to get the economy moving again. >> if you want to know how tough times are, go to kansas city, kan., where 3000 people showed up for a school supply giveaway. our national, where the local humane society is i
who standing by to go on the record. thank you for being with us. >> julie: i'm julie banderas, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, it's been a mystery for nearly two decades. captain michael scott speicher a u.s. navy pilot shot down back in 1991-his remains never found until now. we've got some new information to share with you. it is bringing his family some closure. the families first public statement in a couple of minutes. >> julie: tragedy at a music festival. an outdoor stage comes crashing down killing one person and injuring more than 70 others. >> gregg: a massive forest fire, raging out of control. take a look at this. we're going to tell you where several thousand people had to go to dodge this massive fire. >> julie: our first and top story, he was the first american soldier lost in the gulf war and for nearly two decades no one knew whether he was alive or dead. now, the mystery is finally over. pentagon says the remains of the pilot captain michael scott speicer has been identified. his plane was shot
, it is almost annal jeesic to talk about what the white man is doing against us. and it keeps keeps a person frozen in their seat. >> we met at columbia university in new york city to talk about his book, "come on people on the path from victims to victors." his co-author, noted psychiatrist and good friend alvin pouissant would join us later. but, first, i wanted to know how the 70-year-old icon has become the town cryer rather than sit at home and bask in his success and watch from the sidelines. >> i can't take it anymore. because people are not paying attention to the pain and the sadness that's in your children. they're not addressing it. and, so, these children grow up to be teenagers who make themselves parents. some of them will be raped. by their own people. by relatives, by the mother's boyfriend. and i'm talking about the males as well. things that we didn't believe when we first heard and we paid no attention to, these things began to slide. well, the young people are saying they're not going to live past age 25, 24. oh, that's -- that's nonsense. proudly wearing the pants down w
's why you had the jobless recovery. >> let's talk about the folks that got us into this program to begin with, wall street. when the meltdown began, tlfghe was a lot of talk about changing practices on wall street. back in march, john king interviewed in you this room. there was a lot of talk about the aig bonuses. at that time you called the aig bonuses outrageous and terrible. here is what you said to john. >> firms that are getting a locality of government money, absolutely we need a different way to deal with those so this kind of thing doesn't happen because it frankly is outrageous. >> didn't want it to happen again, but it did. citigroup, bank of america, nine of the firms that received bailout money paid out billions and billions in bonuses. citigroup alone which suffered losses last year got $45 billion and paid out $5.3 billion in bonuses. yet the white house has been pretty quiet. isn't the president outraged again? >> that's why he has supported things like say on pay, to make sure as we go forward at least shareholders are minding the store. we also did appoint a special mas
is found in iraq. closure for his family and the u.s. military. >>> plus, president obama's fight for health care reform. house members go home without a bill. the senate now in the spotlight. ♪ >>> did you hear that? newly discovered music written by wolfgang amadeus mozart. >>> we start with navy pilot michael scott speicher. the pentagon confirms his remains have finally been found in iraq 18 years after he went missing. the mystery of what happened to speicher began in 1991 shortly after his plane was shot down over iraq on the first night of "operation desert storm," listen to this 1991 cnn report. >> the pentagon has identified a united states navy pilot as apparently the first u.s. service man missing in action in the persian gulf war. he is lieutenant commander michael speicher. his f-18 attack jet went down during the raid on iraq before dawn yesterday. the 33-year-old pilot is married, has two young children. he's assigned to the "uss saratoga" which is based in mayport, florida. >> the remains of speicher have been located in iraq. let's get straight to our pentagon c
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